Monday, September 1, 2014

SAS for Battlegroup Fall of the Reich

One of the Recce options in Battle Group: Fall of the Reich is a SAS Jeep Patrol. It isn't cheap, costing 66 points, but it is very powerful. Each jeep carries a three man team, including a Bren Gun, and are classified in the rules as Assault Troops, so are particulalry good at close assaults. The Jeeps each carry two Vickers K guns, and in their Recce capacity the teams are able to act as artillery and air spotters and benefit from the Behind Enemy Lines rule, meaning they can be placed anywhere on the board after the rest of everyone's recce has been deployed and then start the game on ambush fire.

I had a couple of airborne recce Jeeps lying around from Skytrex (I think), so did a bit of rough converting so they resembled SAS Jeeps from 1945 in NWE. There are lots of things wrong with them. The Vickers K mounting at the front should be for twin guns, the shields aren't right, blah blah blah, but I think they sort of look the part, and I'm certainly looking forward to trying them out. I'm also reasonably happy with my first attempts at Denison Smocks in 15mm.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

6mm ECW Cavalry and Command

My 6mm ECW project continues to make some progress. Today I finished basing five new units of Parliamentarian horse and some command bases. All figures are made by Baccus.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Battle Group Bits and Pieces

I'm still regaining my painting mojo after time away and busyness. However, the Dux is not one to be idle! Goodness me no. Here are a few bits and bobs for Battle Group. First up, some 15mm Brits, including:

A brace of Morris Quads from Flames of War...

...four Lloyd Carriers from Forged in Battle...

...and a couple of Forged in Battle 6pdrs.

My Soviets have also received some reinforcements, with a couple of Zvezda Sturmoviks.

I also got around to painting up the T34/85 turrets left over from my Plastic Soldier Company T34s. so now I can field an entire company of the tanks for Kursk all the way to 1945.

It's good to be getting a few things painted again!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Back from Adventures

Things have been very quiet on my blogging front for a while. Last holidays I spent three weeks in Russia, Poland and Germany on a history trip with 39 boys from school, and ever since I got back a month ago I've been playing catch up with family stuff and the huge mountain of marking and admin I usually get on top of during the holiday break.

The trip was great, with a main focus on visiting places relevant to our study of the war on the eastern front, Nazi racial policy and also the Cold War. We visited some harrowing places, saw some astonishing things and ate some great food. I was very proud of how the boys reacted to what they saw, even though at times they made me want to have hair so I could rip it out.

I'll put up some posts about some of the places we visited that might be of interest to some of you. First up. if you're ever in St Petersburg, make sure you pay a visit to the Artillery Museum. The exhibits span the whole history of artillery from the middle ages to tactical missiles, with part of the museum also dedicated to the history of the Kalashnikov. I earned some major respect from the boys by being able to strip down a AK-47 better than the museum guide. Heh.

The WWII section spanned covered all the major Soviet guns used during the war, and included many specific guns that had been preserved because they had been used in some famous feats of arms. Sadly I don't read Russian, but if anyone can furnish a translation of what's written on the splinter shield of the Zis-3 I'd be very grateful.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Soviet Tank Destroyers

I've finished a box of the 15mm Battlefront plastic Soviet Tank Destroyers, and they are really lovely. The fit of parts is as good as PSC, and the metal crew figures are a nice bonus. Unlike PSC the box also includes decals, although be warned! They are very fiddly and prone to disintegrate. Sadly, there are no items of stowage to make the vehicles look less uniform. All the slogans are hand painted.

The box set allows you to make five SU-85s or Su-100s. I made three SU-85s, which first appeared in the aftermath of the Kursk battles. As a result, they don't appear in the Battle Group Kursk rulebook, but official lists were published for them in Dispatches 1, an occasional Battle Group supplement published on the official forum. The list allows SU-85s to be bought in units of three.

SU-100s appear in Battle Group Fall of the Reich, where they can be purchased as a battery of two vehicles, so that's what I did with the remaining two from my box set.

So there we go. Two units of tank killers from a very affordable box set box. I'm very happy about the increasing move Battlefront is making to plastic sets.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Congratulations Paul!

Recently de-classified image of Captain Paul's crew on operations

Huge congratulations today to my mate and all round awesome bloke Paul of the Man Cave. He has been honoured in the Queen's Birthday Honours list with a Distinguished Service Medal for his leadership on recent operations. For those who know him, it is certainly no surprise that he has earned it, but its is fantastic to see this being recognised. Well done mate! I owe you a massive vat of beer.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Napoleonic Pin-Ups Anyone?

Is there anything not to like about these?

Figure sculptors - give the guy a call!