Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Strelets Army of Alexander Nevsky

I'm becoming increasingly fond of some of the new Strelets releases. I don't like their 'chunky' style for Napoleonic figures, but the recent early medieval and some of the ancient sets are great for putting together cohesive-looking armies. In their early sets (eg the 'Vikings against Franks') they tried so hard to make each figure individual that they were full of unrealistic and exaggerated poses. The recent Normans, Roman auxiliaries etc still look like individuals, but individuals in a unit doing pretty much the same thing as each other.

I've recently painted up some of the figures from the 'Army of Alexander Nevsky' set to replace some inferior Zvezda infantry in an old DBA army, and they were a joy to paint. I particularly love the variety of armour styles and weapons.

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