Saturday, February 20, 2010

II/19 Scots Covenanter Army for DBA-RRR

Right - I finished the artillery for my Covenanters (guns and crew from Tumbling Dice). So the army is complete and ready to march on Newcastle. Here are some images of the army arrayed.

Tumbling Dice volley gun.

The manor house in the background was a real find. It is a card model from Metcalfe Models, designed for use with HO/OO railway layouts. It was a joy to put together, everything fitting perfectly. It probably has some anachronistic features as it it supposed to be a renovated C17th manor house still in use in the C20th, but I have pretty much left it as is, just repainting the modern door, and changing the date above the door from 1679 to 1629. I am going to mount this on a base with some sort of garden and enclosing wall, and will also get hold of a great church model made by Metcalfe.

After painting the dour Covenanters I'm desperate for a project involving colour. Swinging to the other extreme, I'm going to make a Maximilian Imperial army, using the Renaissance knights and Landsknechts from Dark Dream Studio.


  1. Very nicely done Alan. I especially like the artillery piece. Why the single based General?


  2. Hi Nick - thanks very much! In Tony Aguilar's Renaissance version of DBA (DBA-RRR) the general is mounted separately. This allows him to join other units, or just swan about the battlefield looking like he's in control. I haven't played them yet, but the rules do look good. You can find them here:


  3. Excellent figures and the building looks the part!


  4. Nice looking army. I am glad you have enjoyed building the army. Believe it or not, I just got the figures to work on my FIRST one. (Been fighting with to get them all here)

  5. I actually put a Mars artillery set aside in my local model shop yesterday. You have a lot to answer for...

  6. Superb looking Army bud... well done!

    We've got some ECW Scots kicking around but I've never got round to finishing them off.... :o(

    All the Best

  7. Lovely army - given I am now branching out, or more accurately branching BACK, to 1/72 plastics, where are the figures from Your Dukeness?????

    All the best

    Stevie (on Fanaticus)


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