Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Five Reasons I Know Basic Impetus is a Brilliant Game...

1. I have rebased a DBA army for BI. Rebasing miniatures is hideous, and I have usually avoided it. But here they are, my new 13th Century Germans, consisting mainly of the forces of the Archbishop of Cologne with Emperor Frederick II along for the ride. I painted these ages ago, and they have been on the blog before in their DBA guise. Not the best painted minis in the world, but I like them.

2. The rules have taken off at the school wargames club. I could never really get school students interested in DBA. I think those who have grown up with Warhammer think you need to roll handfuls of dice for it to be a fun game. Well, with BI they can.

3. My great friend The Nameless One judges it to be 'a really fun game'. This is from a man who grunts noncommittally whenever I try to get him to play DBA or anything else for that matter with me. He is also the Lord of Ten Thousand Half Painted Armies. Who knows? Inspired by BI he might even finish painting one. But let's not get carried away.

4. I played a game with my friend Antonius last week, and he is inspired to paint up a Spartacan army as a result. This is astounding. Antonius is a fantasy gaming tragic, who has been known to deploy Orcs along with Napoleonic French infantry. If a historical game captures his attention, it must be good.

5. I keep enjoying it even though I am almost invariably flogged. Last term at the school club my Parthians were regularly defeated by various thirteen year olds. Hence my thinking that I would start afresh next term with Medieval Germans. Last night I had a game with Paul the Galloglaigh, threatening the Germans with Melting By Candle if they didn't perform. Well, it was close, but Paul's Mongols narrowly defeated me, largely as a result of some clever deployment that left my victorious units of knights isolated. That and my now famous appalling luck with dice.

So there we have it. Basic Impetus is a great game. Most of all, it is fun. I now have a copy of the full Impetus rules, and I can see that they would provide a much richer game as well.

And if you are wondering, I'm giving the Germans another chance....


  1. Great looking army and yep BI seem to be very good rules. I am considering rebasing a lot of my bods for these rules as well butas you say...rebasing is not fun.

  2. I've yet to play it, but I'd like to!