Friday, June 17, 2011

Covenanters in 28mm - WIP

Along with my 10,000 other projects I have a great big pile of unpainted 28mm figures for the ECW. And now I've actually painted a few! These will probably be for a Scots Government army from 1648, as I have already made a few useful banners, and I quite admire the pragmatism of the Engagers. But back to the Normans for now...

Oh - and figures are from Warlord Games and Eureka. The Eureka figures are a little smaller than the Warlord ones, but the mounted troops mix well enough. The Eureka figures are supposed to represent Lord Gordon's Horse, who went over to join with Montrose's army. And very nice figures they are too, even though they seems to have switched sides yet again.

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