Tuesday, August 30, 2011

HMS Phoebe (36)

Here is my next Langton ship: the 36 gun frigate HMS Phoebe.

And here Phoebe joins HMS Orion, their captains drinking bumpers to Bonaparte's confusion and enjoying a noble great spotted dog for pudding.

Next up I have two French ships in the yards, but then I'm thinking of painting up a small Danish fleet, for something different.

Just quietly though, I'm also getting pretty excited about the upcoming Saga rules from Gripping Beast...


  1. They're lovely, Dux. I can almost hear Aubrey and Maturin playing their duets in the captain's quarters while Killick grumbles about the noise in the galley!

  2. Wow, speaking of basing how was that done?

  3. Thanks chaps.

    @Astronaught - the bases are just the resin ones available from Langton. They are painted with Vallejo Royal Blue, then drybrushed with their light grey/blue and a final light drybrush of Duck Egg Blue, which I also use to pick out the bow wave etc. Finally, a couple of coats of gloss varnish.

  4. Beautiful work! I like the way you have coloured the sails a browny colour at the top...very realistic.

  5. So how are those Frenchies coming along mate?