Sunday, October 2, 2011

MOAB 2011

On Saturday I got to spend the day at MOAB, the annual wargames convention put on by the Southern Battle Gamers in Sylvania, Sydney. Despite my long standing hobby interests this was the first time I've ever been to a convention, and I had a blast. I picked up a Langton Danish frigate, a box of Gripping Beast Vikings and some bases, but the highlight was definitely the DBA competition. I played 5 games and won 2, which I was very pleased with, having never taken part in a competition before. A big thank you is due to Stephen Webb for organising the event and supplying terrain etc. I'm only sorry I couldn't hang around for the Sunday DBA campaign set in 1067. Most importantly, the homunculi were quite pleased with me, as I failed to have them massacred in my customary style. The dice blessing obviously did the trick.


  1. Well done on your two glorious Victories Sir! Hopefully I'll be able to participate next year once I move to Sydney.