Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dark Ages Fort - Finished

I've petty much finished the fort I've been working on over the past couple of weeks for use with Saga. I sprayed the board with Tamiya Dark Earth, with a light overspray of Tan to tone it down a bit. The palisade was painted with some craft acrylics in various shades of grey and brown. I had originally planned to put a stain wash over it, but decided it didn't need it.

Following the suggestion of Paul at THe Man Cave I added a suggestion of planking on the rampart, just made with strips cut from a cereal packet.

Overall I'm pretty happy with it, although at some stage I may add something to the interior of the rampart - maybe timber supports or even cover it with flock. It looks a bit bare at the moment. I'm going to build a great hall for my warlord to fit inside the fort, but might paint some more figures first. Next time I'll also do a better job of trying to stop the board warping.

I played a game of Saga with a friend last Thursday night using the fort - came up with a scenario with special rules for breaking down the gate etc. I enjoyed myself, but I think my mate missed the usual elves and pixies he tends to game with.


  1. Great job mate! Came out wonderfully, you should be stoked.

  2. Fantastic!! Looks really nice now all painted up.

  3. That's a fine looking fort. I've been enjoying SAGA also - it s a fun little skirmish game. What were your rules for breaking down the door?

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  5. It came out really well. I think the planks was a good idea. I see what you mean about the interior walls, you might just try a little sand or something like that for texture. I look forward to reading battle reports about attacks on the fort.

  6. That' a great looking fort. Can't wait to see it with the warlords hall added. What size base did you use?

  7. Cracking ...turned out really well!!

  8. Really good. Longship next perhaps?

  9. Thanks for all the nice comments.
    @jmilesr: the rules were dead simple. In the scenario we played the (Anglo Danish) defender had just four hearthguard in the fort, with the rest of the warband off the table. The attackers just had to score ten hits on the gate to break it down, with no saving throws. This took them about 3 turns, from memory. Above the gate are two 'murder holes', so we assumed that the hearthguard would be dropping rocks etc on the attackers, rolling two dice every time the Vikings attacked the gate. They were quite good at this, and the Vikings lost three men before they got the gate down.

    @Scotty: The board is 600mm X 600mm.

    @Springinsfeld: First the great hall, then the longships!