Monday, June 11, 2012

Daily life in the Danelaw

2012 is very much shaping up to be the Year of SAGA here at Homunculorum Towers. The 1/72 English Civil War homunculi look reproachfully at me whenever I catch their eye(s). Along with the love of Saga has come the desire to make nice terrain of early medieval villages etc, and they need to be populated. So I've started painting up some of the nice dark ages 'civilians' that are around. This lot is my first effort. Most of the figures are from Black Tree Design, with all the male adults from their feudal range. The young lady is a Gripping Beast Viking. Nice to paint something reasonably peaceful for a change, and certainly the first kids I've ever painted.


  1. Great stuff - do you count these as Victory points if catured (ie being sold as slaves)? We do!

  2. Lovely painted minis !!!

    best regards Michael

  3. These are wonderful looking fig's with very nice paintjobs and will be a rather nice sight on the table.

  4. A few more of those and you could even use them as a levy unit!


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