Tuesday, February 19, 2013

School Team on Tour

On Sunday I took five boys from the school club out to The Hall of Heroes at Campbelltown, on the fringes of Sydney's urban sprawl, to take part in a SAGA tournament. The risk assessment forms were enormous fun to fill out, as always. I refer to this group as the school Representative Historical Wargaming Club, and am working on being able to present reports in assembly based on the sort of cliches that rugby reports are noted for.

There were 12 competitors in the tournament in total, so we made up half the field. I brought along my Welsh. We played three scenarios using 6 point warbands - Clash of Warlords, Sacred Ground and the Escort. Fortune did not shine on me, being destroyed in the first game by one of the boys from school with his damn unstoppable 12 figure unit of Breton hearthguard.

Round 1 with those damn Bretons
In the second game I fought Normans, and if the scenario had gone for the proper 8 turns I reckon I would have pulled off a win, but when the time ran out I was well behind on points.
Steve the Norman plots my doom
Round three found me attacking an Anglo-Saxon convoy of sheep, women and beer. I was all over this one, using my mounted hearthguard with effect to get in amongst his baggage and capture the sheep. The beer proved a tough nut to crack, and proved my undoing (as so often in life). The beer fought me off for a couple of turns and then we were out of time, so a draw. The beer prevented me getting hold of the women, which is something of a life lesson.

Despite my lacklustre performance, the School Representative Team crushed all opposition, with boys from the club coming first, second, fourth and fifth! Quite a brilliant achievement, especially since they were playing against much more experienced adults. The winner found himself the proud owner of a new Strathclyde Welsh starter warband to paint up, along with a handsome trophy.

The boys were great throughout the day, the competition as always was good spirited and friendly, and I have nothing but praise for the chaps at Hall of Heroes.


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun and well done to the kids from school, its really great that you've got the kids involved in our mad hobby!

  2. It would seem that the Boys Own Saga Club is bent on world domination. Well done Alan, there is a new Alexander waiting in the wings. Now all you need to do is get them painting your minis and you can make a fortune. Dux's Painting Service ;)

    1. Great idea! The boys on detention can do the undercoating.

  3. Sounds like a great day, good looking tables they have there too.

  4. Alligator mincemeat!

    So, if you couldn't get to the women, did you make do with the sheep? ;-)

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  6. Those lads are very fortunate to have you organise such cool activities.

  7. That is so awesome Alan, sorry I missed it.

    Clearly your lads have been well tutored in the arts and would have made good Warlords back in the day!