Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Project Kursk Part 16: Trucks and a Tank

This week I have been mostly....

Churning out some Soviet trucks. These are the little 15mm Zis 5 trucks from Zvezda. I'm loving these little kits - the engineering on them is great, and while lacking a bit of detail they are fast to put together and cheap. I've spruced a couple up with some cargo from the Universal Stowage pack put out by Skytrex.

Although German production totals can't compete with the Soviets, I also finished a Zvezda Opel Blitz, and more excitingly, a Panther from Plastic Soldier Company. More lovely kits! My only criticism of the PSC Panther is the instructions, which I think give slightly misleading guidance about the differences between the Panther marks, eg giving the impression that side armour skirts weren't found on Ausf. Ds.

I think I should have included smoke dischargers on a Panther from Kursk, and I'm sure the markings are wrong, but I do like the look of this big kitty. I'm looking forward to seeing it instantly break down in my next game.


  1. Great looking trucks, very nice colors...

  2. Very very nice Alan. Just imagine what you could have done in the One True Scale! :-)

    1. I know, I know... I still feel guilty! In my defence, I chose 15mm to make it easier for the boys at school. And it is faster.

  3. Lovely work Dux. You can never have enough trucks :)

  4. I think all those vehicles look very nice. Great job.

  5. Fine vehicles! Every war is dedcided by supply ;)

  6. Great Vehicles, I put together 4 katyushas from Zvezda and want to get some more trucks, tanks and armoured cars from PSC so your comments are most welcome. Keep up the good work Alan.