Monday, September 2, 2013

Pagan Rus Levies

It has taken me ages to get around to finishing them, but at last I've completed some levies for my Pagan Rus SAGA warband. As mentioned in a previous post, I really like this faction, particularly since I was quite involved with playtesting it. Adding a unit of Levies is a useful way of giving the warband some missile weapons, but more importantly the ability to soak up casualties when playing factions like the Jomsvikings and shielding more important units.

I've maintained the black/white/red colour scheme of the rest of the warband on the Levy's shields, but given them more Slavic designs such as sun wheels.

And just because I like them so much, here are a couple of pictures of the complete warband.


  1. Greate looking warband !!!

    Best regards Michael

  2. Very cool and meqn looking,and there seems to be one man at the front taking them all on himself :D

  3. Very nice, great shields love the snow.


  4. Great stuff. Congrats on the shields, they're really nice.

  5. That is a remarkably striking warband. The group picture of the whole thing together is just amazing.

  6. These are very nice. The command group with banner and the bald guy are exceptional. Congrats.

  7. Very nice warband!! I really like the shield designs you paint.


  8. That is one fantastic warband mate - cant wait to see it in the flesh...and loose to it in all probability! Of course its the lovingly purchased snow basing that really sets them apart so I feel I can claim some kind of involvement :-D

    And nothing beats great hand painted shield designs either!


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