Sunday, April 13, 2014

SAGA at Leviathan 2014

While many of you lucky sods in the UK were off to Salute, I had an enjoyable day yesterday at the altogether more modest affair of Leviathan, the annual convention put on by Sydney's Western Suburbs Gaming Society.

Many thanks to Matt from the Hall of Heroes for sponsoring the day's SAGA tournament. I took along my Pagan Rus, winning one game out of three. I was super chuffed though to win the best painted army on the day, which won me a gift certificate from Hall of Heroes (promptly spent on some PSC Panzer IIIs) and a trophy which will arrive in due course.

I've never been attracted to tournaments, but so far every experience I've had of playing SAGA with strangers has been incredibly positive. There is something about the game that tends not to attract dicks. Instead, everyone I've played has been much more focused on having fun than winning at all cost. My most enjoyable game yesterday was against a Viking player, with both of us essentially leading our warbands in the way that we thought Vikings would have, which led to much slaughter and shouts of 'Odin'. Gamesmanship definitely took a backseat. The other thing I enjoyed yesterday was seeing how well the more 'basic' warbands, such as Vikings, hold up against the more complex factions that have come out in recent supplements.

So congratulations to the winners on the day, and thanks everyone for a fun day.


  1. Looks like it was a great day.

  2. Saga-aaargh!
    Agree with your sentiments :) I am not drawn to such displays of competitiveness but feel I have a role in society to satiate the needs for those that are...

  3. It's hard not to have fun playing Saga! I think the limited number of troop types and simple combat system helps keep the factions fundamentally even. Can't have the Vikings being outdated! Congrats on the best painted too.

  4. Sounds like a great day out mate! Congrats on the Well deserved prize with those fantastic Rus too

    "There is something about the game that tends not to attract dicks"
    This may explain my apparent inability to get any games played in recent months...

  5. Been playing a bit of Saga my side of the state too, got to love a simple system with few troop types and rules that allow the most hirsute to have an advantage in ties for deployment etc. hehehe

  6. Sounds like a good day with Saga!