Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Soviet Tank Destroyers

I've finished a box of the 15mm Battlefront plastic Soviet Tank Destroyers, and they are really lovely. The fit of parts is as good as PSC, and the metal crew figures are a nice bonus. Unlike PSC the box also includes decals, although be warned! They are very fiddly and prone to disintegrate. Sadly, there are no items of stowage to make the vehicles look less uniform. All the slogans are hand painted.

The box set allows you to make five SU-85s or Su-100s. I made three SU-85s, which first appeared in the aftermath of the Kursk battles. As a result, they don't appear in the Battle Group Kursk rulebook, but official lists were published for them in Dispatches 1, an occasional Battle Group supplement published on the official forum. The list allows SU-85s to be bought in units of three.

SU-100s appear in Battle Group Fall of the Reich, where they can be purchased as a battery of two vehicles, so that's what I did with the remaining two from my box set.

So there we go. Two units of tank killers from a very affordable box set box. I'm very happy about the increasing move Battlefront is making to plastic sets.


  1. Nice work there Dux. Proper Soviet "zoo keepers".

  2. Great models again Dux. I like the 3:2 ratio as well as 1 box 2 rule supplements is pretty nice.

  3. Great looking green machines.

  4. Good work mate- good use of 5 vehicles and they looking cracking like your Other Ivan's!!!

  5. They look terrific - just the right amount of weathering. I think I need me some of those monsters.

  6. Hope all is well Dux, it has been a while since your last painted wonders.