Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Battle Group Bits and Pieces

I'm still regaining my painting mojo after time away and busyness. However, the Dux is not one to be idle! Goodness me no. Here are a few bits and bobs for Battle Group. First up, some 15mm Brits, including:

A brace of Morris Quads from Flames of War...

...four Lloyd Carriers from Forged in Battle...

...and a couple of Forged in Battle 6pdrs.

My Soviets have also received some reinforcements, with a couple of Zvezda Sturmoviks.

I also got around to painting up the T34/85 turrets left over from my Plastic Soldier Company T34s. so now I can field an entire company of the tanks for Kursk all the way to 1945.

It's good to be getting a few things painted again!


  1. Looking good! It would take me ages to paint all that :-)

  2. Good to see you back at it and good work you have done as well


  3. Top notch kit there with a consistently high standard throughout...oh. to be that productive!

  4. Reinforcements all over the place. Those quads rock!

  5. I think you have rapidly achieved more than I gave done in 2 months! Great job mate!

  6. Great progress. Very tasty looking as well.


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