Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Painting Challenge So Far...

Curt's wonderful Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge is off to a roaring start this year, and I've been having a ball getting my entries in and trying to keep pace with Tamsin as we race to 1500 points.

I'm away with the in-laws now until after Christmas and suffering painting withdrawal. I'll take this opportunity for a quick recap of what I've painted for the challenge so far.

I got some runs on the board early with a platoon of 15mm Volkssturm figures for Battle Group Fall of the Reich.

I'm really pleased with how they turned out, especially now that I've given them a second spray of matt varnish. Next up was my entry for the first bonus round, on the theme of 'Cold'. I painted Northstar's figure of Thor confronting Fenrir which was part of the Mini-Duchesses' 8th birthday present.

Speaking of the mini-Duchess, I cheekily entered the birthday cake I made her for the challenge, and Curt was kind enough to give me a few points. You might notice a theme here - my daughter has been getting into Norse mythology in a big way recently, and I couldn't be happier.

Sticking with the Early medieval period, I painted a unit of Breton warriors for SAGA...

...before doing up some Saracen archers, warriors and nobles for SAGA: Crescent and Cross.

That's nearly everything so far, and I'm currently sitting on 292 points while we wait on the scoring from the first bonus round. I've finished a couple of other things as well, but I can't reveal them yet. One is for a future bonus round, and the other is waiting on some decals to arrive from the UK until I can submit the entry to Curt.

As always, it is a real pleasure taking part in the challenge, and seeing the talent of the other painters out there as well as the great spirit that characterises the challenge.


  1. Some great submissions so far Dux. Your Thor and Fenrir scene might just give you a lead over me - for a brief while! :)

    Our side Challenge is going to be a bit tougher for me as I'm not entering the bonus theme rounds, so will miss out on those extra points.

  2. Great looking work so far in the Challenge.

    I was wise enough to keep away from Tamsin in the side Challenges this year after being gouged in last years. Glad your offering up stiffer competition than I could last year


  3. Great stuff mate - a diverse range of goodies!
    Good to see the "Real men paint their own shields" theme continues :-)

    Painting withdrawals after a week? Imagine my state then after 6 months to go with another year to come! :-o

  4. Superb collection of stuff :)

  5. Doing great so far...keep it up..

  6. Some great work, love the longship! Curt was a little stingy with the points though! Boo Hiss!

  7. Very productive so far. Enjoy Christmas. cheers