Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Fifth Analogue Painting Challenge

The Fifth Analogue Painting Challenge has sadly drawn to a close, so it is time to stop neglecting my humble blog.

It seems fitting to restart bloglife with a quick retrospective of my Painting Challenge, so today I got everything out on the table just to see what I had managed to paint in the course of the Challenge.

As you can see, it was a pretty eclectic bunch of figures I painted, with everything from a German dinosaur to 6mm ECW. Battlegroup predictably took some of my attention, with some German forces painted up for Barbarossa and Fall of the Reich.

The largest single subject I focused on were Islamic troops for use in such games as Crescent and Cross and Lion Rampant, but other early medievals also got a look in with Picts and Bretons.

Probably the most enjoyable parts of the Challenge for me were the Bonus Rounds, and I was chuffed to win second place with my Dino Rider in the rider and mount round.

The only figures I painted that aren't in the photo are missing because I ate them. I speak of course of the Viking ship cake I made for the mini duchess back in December, which won me 10 points!

All in all, the Challenge was a thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring experience, in which i felt a great sense of camaraderie with similar lunatics all around the world. I finished in 8th place with 2032 points, which I'm delighted with ans I was keen to improve on my 13th place with 1349 points from last year. I also just scraped a win against Tamsin with our race to 1500 points, although I'm pretty sure she beat me with the number of points completed of 6mm figures.

So here's a massive thank you to Curt for organising the Challenge. What a huge amount of work he puts into it! Just reading some of the posts about the importance the Challenge has in some of our lives shows what a great public service he is fulfilling. It certainly does wonders for my mental health.

In my next post: plans for the rest of 2015.


  1. I think the cake was the best submission of the entire Challenge! Well painted and Tasty is something that has never been said of any other Challenge submission.

  2. Congrats on a great placing mate - well done indeed. You were up 650 point on last year's total too (which in itself totally blew me out of the water in our side challenge).

    Eclectic? I prefer to think it wonderfully reflects your/our diverse tastes in gaming/genres/scales! The Dino is my favourite of your entries too, but those teeny tiny Regiments of Foote and Horse have me most excited!

  3. It was good fun scrapping with you in our race to 1500 points, even though I lost - perhaps I should have said 1500 points *excluding* the theme round bonuses ;)

    Congrats on 8th place and breaking 2k :)

    And, yes, I'm pretty sure I won the teeny-tiny side bet with you and Curt :)

  4. It has been great watching your work roll in. Congratulations on 8th place!

  5. Great bunch of painted work you managed to achieve. Excellent variety as well.
    Really cool to get bonus points in the Theme Challenges. cheers

  6. Some wonderful stuff there Dux and such variety! Congrats on a top 10 spot.

  7. Soooooo many nice toys. Looks like deus vult may get another look in. Barbarossa's toys will also work with Blitzkreig, no doubt on order.

  8. Congratulations on a very strong showing in this year's challenge, milord Dux. I thought your entries were always very fine, and while I can never forget the Nazi Dino Dude, I was always inspired by your Berbers/Arabs. They were fins specimens of freehand work, which I shall crib for my next batch of Ottomans.