Sunday, September 6, 2015

Trying Out the Battle Mat

At the games club last week I had the pleasure of trying out my new Cigar Box Battle Mat, available in Australia from Campaign Books.

As a farewell to Lawrence as he heads back to Blighty we played a 1000 points game of Battle Group Overlord. Steve and I played a British infantry division battle group with Churchill support, while Lawrence and John took the Germans. Suffice it to say, nothing much went right for us Brits. Well-sighted German artillery gave us a hard time, and our Churchills couldn't make any headway against the Panthers they came up against. Foolishly, I separated the Achilles tank destroyers from the Churchills, so the poor old Churchills didn't have any nice effective firepower to maneuver with. I like Churchills, I really do. But every now and then I forget with Churchill I-IVs that just because they are big, hideously slow and woefully undergunned, that doesn't mean they have thick armour.

Apart from the Germans, the other big winner of the night was the Battle Mat. We just chucked it down over some very dodgy foam hills, and behold! a lovely contoured battlefield. Add some lichen hedges, trees and a building and it looked pretty darn good.


  1. Excellent looking game and the mat looks great! I have their plain grass field mat in 6 x 4 and I swear it makes my miniatures look better! Seeing yours makes me want to get another.

  2. Great looking game. Now that I see the mat being used in a game I plan to purchase a mat. The mat give the game a more realistic feel

  3. Looks like a great game and the mat looks excellent.