Friday, August 19, 2016

French and Indian Wars for Sharp Practice 2

So Sharp Practice 2 looks good. I still haven't played a game, but the size of the forces involved help to make it appealing. Like many of you, I'm drawn to finite painting projects, where I can indulge, say, an itch to paint some Napoleonic French without committing to the next decade to paint the entire Grande Armee. The rules look good, and have been getting great reviews. Even more importantly, a few of us at our gaming club are keen to try them out for the French and Indian Wars, with French, British Regulars and a Ranger force all in various states of painting.

I've finished my French wilderness force, with the picture above just being a bit of a teaser. Over the next few days I'll put up images of the different units in the force, as well as some terrain I'm working on. The plan is to play our first game on 3 September, so if you are interested in following this little project, stay tuned.


  1. Nice! I'll pop back and keep an eye on the progress.

  2. It gives a nice game and as you say, it doesn't take a huge amount of figures to play. I look forward to seeing your project develop!

  3. Nice one mate - I am basing my Colonial Rangers force today so we can get a game going!

  4. Great stuff mate! Looking forward to seeing the close-ups over the coming days.


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