Sunday, February 13, 2011

III/78 Early Russian DBA Army

Click on images to identify dodgy painting.

Well. School has started back and life is busy, so not much progress in the Dux's workshops. So I thought I'd take the opportunity of just photographing some old DBA armies. First up are the 13th century Russians I finished about four years back, consisting mainly of Strelets figures with a few Zvezda and Caesar as well. I love the look of this army (not that I've done it justice), combining the appearance of Vikings and Steppe peoples. Unfortunately, I've had no success with it at all, either in DBA or Basic Impetus. The cavalry aren't tough enough to tackle western knights, and they can't skirmish properly against Mongols. What I really need is a big lake of ice to fight on that all my enemies can fall through when it cracks. Now there's a thought.

Hmm. I'm not sure why his horse is blue either. Might have used Payne's Grey, thinking it was - yes - grey.


  1. You're too hard on yourself, Dux old chap! That painting looks fine to me; I just thank the stars that my chosen period of interest (obsession!) doesn't require me to paint shield designs or banners like these! They're quite schmicko if you ask me.

  2. Nice job on the figures, I love the sheilds, they're very colourful.

  3. Of course the horse is blue - it's bloody cold out there!

  4. Nice mix, nowt wrong wi' how they look. Now that's what I need - Russians!

  5. Far out! Those shields are amazing!