Saturday, February 26, 2011

Work in Progress - Vikings

I'm teaching a unit on the Vikings at the moment, which has inspired me to paint up a couple of armies for the 9th century struggles in England. I'll be basing the figures for Basic Impetus.

In a radical departure from standard Dux Homunculorum practice I have decided to have a go at painting 28mm figures. The figures are from Wargames Factory, and I'm generally pretty happy with them. As Neldoreth points out in his brilliant review of the Plastic Vikings, the figures work well as a loose unit, perhaps charging, but less well to represent a shield wall. My only real gripe withe the WF Vikings is that their hair is much too neat. Indeed, this was the first reaction of the Duchess when I asked her to admire uncritically my finished painting.

At this stage, I'm contemplating using WF Vikings, but pitting them against Saxons from Gripping Beast, which are much more suitable for making a shield wall.

I'm new to this 28mm malarkey, so any constructive feedback is very welcome.


  1. The one on the right in the last picture IS Brian Blessed, right? :)

  2. Very nice, love the hand painted shield.

  3. How is it possible I am missing your posts...bloody google friend thing I bet.
    Those vikings look great...the shields!!!
    And you teutonics...excellent