Friday, September 14, 2012

This Week in the Duchy

Last week of term. There may come a time when the courage of men fails blah blah, but it was not this week. Just fell over the finish line after a gruelling term, feeling thoroughly gruelled. Situation not helped by The Boy Twin, alias Assault, alias The Night Goblin trooping in every night with the night terrors to join the Duchess and me in bed. I've taken to getting up at this point every night and finding somewhere else to sleep. My god that boy can wriggle. I woke up a few nights back with him grinding his little fist into one of my eye sockets, and his unerring aim in kicking me in the bollocks repeatedly is truly impressive. The Duchess and I are beyond tired.

Developments on the hobby front are several. To start with, I've sent a squad of British paras on the way to be painted by Tamsin, after I was lucky enough to win her painting comp. Can't wait to see what she comes up with. In my own painting I've been making some headway on my Arthurians. With the combination of Dux Bellorum and Dux Britanniarum coming out, the likelihood of Saga going Arthurian next year and Westwind having a 30 percent off sale, I bought a bunch of figures from Westwind and Gripping Beast, and have started on the Romano-British.

It was my birthday on Wednesday, and the Duchess had a little beer hamper sent to work. I was amused to receive a bottle of Angry Man, which I'd never heard of before. Hope she isn't trying to tell me something. Naturally I thought of Fran, and have added Angry Man to my list of Wargaming Beers. My mother in law gave me some hard currency, which I gave straight away to Ian at War and Peace Games in exchange for a copy of Dux Bellorum and a Bolt Action Churchill tank, which I'll get early next week. I've always had a soft spot for Churchills, and I imagine one in 28mm will be an impressive looking beast.

The club at school finished the term really well. After our great Saga tournament we introduced Canvas Eagles as a third set of 'club rules.' It has been a couple of years since I've played, and it is great getting into it again. Such a good game, and almost unbelievable that it is freely available. The game bogs down a little with more than about six planes on the table, but it's going really well, with a bunch of boys getting into it in a big way and painting up their SPADs and Camels. I'm proud to say that after having been shot down several times my current pilot Gunther Fleischmann has racked up two victories so far (both Camels).

Tonight I'm hoping to catch up with a mate and introduce him to SAGA, so on with Saturday.


  1. I like those planes, and my sympathies on your night time visitor.

  2. You've got the beer, I've got the real thing sitting 4 foot away from me!!! Think I'd prefer the beer!!!

  3. The answer must be, give the beer to the son, better sleep fo all ;-)

    Planes do look great and err rather large



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