Friday, March 1, 2013

Oooohhhhh Shiny!

I made a couple of purchases this week of things that caught my eye and compelled me to pull out my wallet.

First up, I got hold of a box of the new Eisenern Stormtroopers from Dreamforge. When these went up for preorder on the War and Peace Games website a couple of weeks ago they took my breath away. Sci-fi really isn't my thing, but I thought these figures looked sensational. They have really nailed the aesthetic of WWII German meets Star Wars, and I'm impressed by the way they are simultaneously releasing heavy weapons, an accessories set and infantry in 10- or 20- man boxes. On the way are other goodies like female stormtroopers and APCs. Also out from Dreamforge are of course their massive Leviathan walkers, which will have all sorts of people frothing. They do look fantastic, but not quite my thing.

I picked up a box of Stormtroopers from Ian at War and Peace, and am really impressed by the quality of the figures. There are loads of options for different poses and weapons, even without the accessories set, and even the box and artwork reeks of quality. I stuck one together and primed it just to see what it looked like, and was very happy with how well everything fitted together.

As to what I'm going to do with them, I don't know. This is a rare purchase for me based entirely on having an 'ooh shiny!' reaction to some figures, rather than having a game in mind. Tomorrow's War appeals to me a bit, from what I've heard. I have to think about how to paint the Stormtroopers as well. I'm thinking a sort of dot camo, but using black, greys and white for an urban environment. Any suggestions?

My other purchase this week was much more sensible. After seeing one of the resin runestones from Fenris Games on the SAGA forum, I ordered the three packs they make (with two runestaones in each pack). I've already given one away, but here are the five remaining. These are great little castings, and should look pretty impressive on a SAGA warlord's base or just in a terrain features. The customer service from Fenris was very good as well, with the pack on its way from the UK the day after I ordered it.


  1. The frireforge figs look great, and I love the Fenris standing Stones. I did some a few years back too:

    I'm around this week only so might be available to catch up soon?

  2. Very nice stormtroopers !

    Like the fenris stones alot, might have to get me some, after all I only have about 100 kilometer to several of the originales:)

    Best regards Michael

  3. They are cool, the detail is very good. I look forward to seeing them painted.

  4. I do like the storm troopers and am contemplating some too. Urban camo in grey would look rather nice I have done his on some GW minis and it works well, plus there are plenty of photos of modern versions.

    We have played tomorrows war at our club and it is a hoot. The ability to react within the other players turn keeps everyone involved. You do need your fair share of 6, 8, 10, and 12 sided dice but these are easy to get hold of. Even the 40 k kids liked it and we plan on having more games soon. Also at 10 -30 miniatures a side it is cheap enough to get into. Plus at this stage it is not fully linked to anyone's miniatures and works with 15mm.