Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Some Eastern Vikings

Had a pleasant visit to the dentist today that involved him discovering that one of my teeth was mostly cavity and that a wisdom tooth had to be extracted as well. Currently feel like I've been kicked in the face by a horse who also managed to steal my wallet while he was at it, and I'm not supposed to drink ridiculously strong beer to dull the pain for another 18.5 hours.

While I'm feeling sorry for myself, here are some pics of my latest painted figures, completed while I'm waiting for Phil's 6mm prize figures to arrive from Baccus. Paul of the Man Cave gave me a pot of GW snow a while back, so I thought I'd paint up some Eastern Vikings/Jomsvikings with a winter theme, rather than my usual summery bases with flowers. I've gone for dark clothing colours to maximise the contrast with the snow on the bases.


  1. Bad new about the sore gob, nice figures though!


  2. Lovely work Dux, they definitely look grim :)

    Sorry to hear about the dental problems :(

  3. Great looking figs Dux!. Not sure what's worse the kick in the chops or the 18 hour ban on beer, but combined....that's bloody disastrous!!!!.

  4. Beautiful work. The snow looks good. Sorry about the dentist. I just recently had a similar experience as my new dentist fixed an old crown that was done wrong. After spending 2.5 hours in the chair with him basically having to chip the old one out. But at least I didn't have any alcohol restriction.

  5. Great effect but 18.5 hours.....madness!

  6. Well, I guess a Joms could have punch you in the face to remove that nasty wisdom teeth and would thus have saved your wallet. Although you would probably need more than 24 hours to recover and a fair drink of triple beer to ill the pain.

    Best Nico.

  7. Love the Russ figs mate, and the characteristic square shields. The muted colours really suit their frigid appearance and the snow really sets them off well too:-) The flag is fantastic

    Had some emergency dental treatment myself this week - yuk!

  8. Sorry to hear you've been through the wars there Dux, but those Wintery Vikings are really impressive. Some of your best work I think. Meanwhile, we've been experiencing a blizzard the last few days, so the less snow I see, the better.

  9. Greate looking Vikings, love the snow bases !

    Very good work !

    Will you paint a full warband with snow bases? any enemies? terrain?

    Best regards Michael


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