Thursday, April 4, 2013

School SAGA Tournament

We have just finished our second SAGA tournament in the Historical Wargames Club at school. The interest this year has been great, with 18 boys entering the tournament with warbands covering just about all the currently available 14 factions apart from Skraelings, Norse Gaels and Franks. Welsh and Bretons were the most popular.

Today we awarded prizes, and I really must give a shout out to Ian Crabbe at War & Peace Games who has been a brilliant supporter of our club and donated some very generous prizes. He is definitely on the Ducal Honours List. While you're over at his site, check out the tasty deal of the week on Saxon figures for Dux Britanniarum.

I can't put pictures of the happy young warlords up on the blog, but here are some of the figures from the winning Irish warband.

The boy who painted these figures (and came first in the tournament) didn't even know what wargaming was 2 years ago. He's probably been painting for about 18 months, and everything he comes out with is noticeably better than the last. Impressive eh? No way I could have done this well at his age.

Incidentally, the blue dice in the last photo are a set of famously cursed dice that thwart me at every turn. I refuse to use them, and play mind games with opponents by trying to get them to use them. Such are the depths of pre-Enlightenment superstition to which we gamers descend.


  1. Really great that you have something like this going at school!

    The winning warband look great too.


  2. Very well painted minis, realy like the Warlird !

    Best regards Michael

  3. Well done lads - you are lucky to have such a mentor, and the generous support of the likes of Ian.

  4. Very well done, it is quite impressive to watch the growth of the the school wargaming club.


  5. What a coincidence! I am a high school history(including Military History) teacher who runs a Military Gaming Club at my school. Ironically, I was planning on rolling out Saga to my kids next Fall(we already play boardgames and a WWII 20mm minins game). Good idea on securing sponsors for prizes...I may have to do the same! Love this post and the work of the student...he must be thrilled to win. It is amazing to me how many young people have no idea what wargaming is or that games like Saga(and so many others) even exist. To them, gaming extends only so far as their XBOX360 console(which I also enjoy...but it's not the whole gaming universe!).

  6. Very nice to hear and congrats to the lads but surely dice gods are labelled under religious studies!

  7. Awesome looking painting on those Irish. Sounds like a big event with 18 players. Keep up the good work in promoting our hobby.


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