Thursday, October 3, 2013

Project Kursk 21: Some More German Armour

This week I have been mostly...painting a few extra bits for my German Battle Group Kursk force. First up, BGK is a game where reconnaissance is very iportant, so I boosted my force with a lovely little Sdkfz 222 from Zvezda. As always, this was such a nice little kit to put together. Simple, and I spruced it up with some extra stowage, but lovely detail.

Next up, some Panzer III Ms. Plastic Soldier Company hasn't got around to releasing these yet, so I bought a few from Forged in Battle. These are nice little kits - resin hulls, with the base moulded on, with metal turrets and other bits. I like these a lot, with only the minor quibble that they have moulded the tank commander wearing the pre-war beret for some reason, which would have been a pretty rare sight by 1943!

The Forged in Battle tanks come in packs of four, so I turned the fourth one into a Panzer III N with the 75mm gun for close support. Helpfully, the kits come with extra barrels for either the Ausf. M, N or for the Flammpanzer III.

And speaking of which, here is a Flammpanzer III, this time the Zvezda kit. This will be great for a game I plan to run involving German engineers trying to hack their way through Soviet defences.