Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Project Zama: Italian Allies

Here's a unit of socii (allies) I finished this week to help out my Romans. Figures are from Relic Miniatures, and I've painted them to be a bunch of Campanians, hence the bull and man- headed bull on the shields. One of them even has an Oscan inscription.

As always, shields are hand painted.

For those interested in Project Zama, check out the other half of the project at Steve's blog. Yep, he's started a blog at last to help motivate his painting, so check out how his Carthaginians are getting along. Great to see you in the blogosphere, Steve!


  1. You are taking the "real men paint their own shields" dictum to a whole new level mate. Brilliant but daunting for others :-)

    Must be about on the final countdown to complete this army?

  2. Great work, and the shields are definitely the highlight.

  3. Loving the shields, you are a clever chap!

  4. Classing them as light infantry I assume not as heavies