Friday, November 6, 2015

Project Zama Complete!

This week I finished my Roman Republican army for the 2nd Punic War, the project I've been working on for the past 5 months. If you haven't been following my progress, the figures are based for Impetus and Sword and Spear. The legionaries are mostly from Agema Miniatures, with a few from Relic Miniatures added in for variety. Cavalry are all from Relic, as are some of the command figures. Most of the command figures are from Crusader, and the slingers are from Wargames Factory.

The final roll call:

6 bases of hastati
6 bases of principes
4 bases of triarii
5 bases of velites
2 bases of slingers
2 bases of Roman cavalry
2 bases of Numidian horse
2 bases of Campanian allied cavalry
1 base of Campanian infantry
3 command stands (for Sword and Spear)

For a grand total of 193 infantry figures and 24 cavalry

I've stayed very focused on these for the last few months, and so I'm itching to paint something different. With Paul of the Man Cave's imminent return to the gaming world it's time to make a serious push on out 6mm ECW project, although I've got a few gladiators to paint along the way.

My Romans have seen two battles of Basic Impetus so far, and been victorious in both. Here's Steve looking despondent after his latest defeat.

I'm really keen to play a full game of Impetus, so please add encouraging messages to get him to paint the rest of his army.


  1. We'll done - completing a project is a rare thing for most wargamers. The army looks superb!

  2. Sweet! Fantastic looking army mate, well done. Good form so far, here's hoping you carry on the good fortune in Full Impetus!!! Good luck

  3. wow they whole lot looks so much nicer that what I have been able to complete to date. Well done for maintaining the focus. This has been one of my weaknesses. I really love the hand painted shields. Adds a lot of character. Those Cavalry are very nice indeed, I must look at the Relic stuff for a few allied cavalry myself.

  4. Well Done, nothing better than reviewing a victorious army. I have my smaller army to complete over the winter

  5. Impressive stuff mate, all the more so with hand painted shields galore!

  6. Outstanding details on the bases and figures, well done!

  7. Impressive looking army ! greate paintwork !

  8. Congratulations on a fantastic result mate, they look great. The wins are nice too but I think you'll need to let Steve win with his new Army soon :-)

    BTW There is a Hobby University section here at Fall-In. Today they have a Painting Shields tutorial, a topic which I think you should be the Master Professor for!

  9. Looking great! Look forward to seeing the coming battles!

  10. These look sensational - Impetus is a great set of rules and seems to certainly be gaining popularity along with To The Strongest. The aesthetics make a world of difference.

  11. Superb effort - have enjoyed following your progress :)