Friday, November 20, 2015

SAGA Sunday

Last Sunday I played my first game of the full SAGA rules with my little Valkyrie. As some of you may know, I have been playing a few games with her using just the activation boxes from the SAGA battleboards and the fatigue rules ('SAGA lite') to get her used to the basic mechanics of combat and movement. On Sunday though we used the full battleboards, and I was really chuffed by how rapidly she grasped the concepts of having to make decisions about using dice for abilities vs. activation.

We played a sort of escort game where my Welsh were trying to get an important Viking prisoner across the table. Although I succeeded, the mini Valkyrie had the satisfaction of defeating my warlord, so she wasn't too put out. Her basic tactical ideas were really sound - she's going to be a formidable opponent!

For me though the best bit was the way she used her model of a Valkyrie to escort each one of her fallen warriors to the pile in the corner. So cool.


  1. Brilliant! Sure puts of smile on this old dad's face - my daughter spent many hours playing "tiny toy towns" with my wargaming terrain and buildings when she was that age :-)

  2. haha fantastic! Sounds like a fun game was had. Good on her for slaying the Warlord, thats a victory right there! Cheers for sharing

  3. Excellent! Be careful how well you train her though. I can tell you from experience the its really frustrating when your once Padawan beats you more often then not...