Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Napoleonic Prussians

I haven't painted any Napoleonics for a couple of years, so have never got around to putting any photos up on the blog. However, looking at Monsieur le Rosbif's blog inspired me to get some figures out and photograph them. So, over the next few days, I present the Napoleonic Prussians from 1813-15. Figures are from Revell, HaT, Waterloo 1815 and Art Miniaturen.

The army represents about three brigades, with some reserve cavalry. Each base of infantry is a company, four bases to a battalion, and usually three battalions to a regiment. Up the back you can see some dragoons that I painted in a vile bright blue so they look like Smurfs. We shall not speak of them again.

Some line infantry to start off with. This is the Frogs' eye view of the the 2nd and 6th Regiments, with their Light (Fusilier) battalions skirmishing out front.

And this these are the 9th (Colberg) Regiment and Luetzow Freikorps, with the Guard Jaeger battalion in the lead.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Lovely! I like Revell's Prussians and your painting does them proud.

    I've never really warmed to Prussians, but with HaT's new Prussians added to Revell's, I may be tempted.

  2. Neat job. I like the Revell Prussians, but I think I'll hold on for the Hat Marching Prussians.