Friday, December 31, 2010

The Dux Homunculorum Guide to Wargaming Beers

I'm often asked for advice about which beer should be drunk while playing different wargames*.

So, by way of saying 'Happy New Year', I offer you a guide to some of the best matches. I have persevered with this public service despite the withering looks and satirical comments of the Duchess, who seems to consider it a silly idea.

1. Canvas Eagles and Barons ESB

Canvas Eagles - brilliant game. Barons ESB - decent local Sydney Beer 'Brewed by the Brave boys at Barons'. Tally Ho!

2. DBR and Batemans Dark Lord.

Dark Lord form Batemans in Lincolnshire is a lovely rich ruby red ale, brewed in honour of 'Black Tom' Fairfax. The Dux Homunculorum beer of choice for any early modern game, and of course the English Civil War in particular. According to the label it goes well with cheese and red meat, but it is equally well suited to pursuing foppish Royalists from the field with cold steel and hard riding.

3. Pirates of the Spanish Main and Biere du Boucanier

This devastating ale from Belgium fires a full broadside of 11% alcohol. Who needs a bottle of rum when you have this? After a couple you will stop caring that the rules for Pirates are rubbish.

4. Signal Close Action and Batemans Victory Ale or Lord Nelson Three Sheets

The Dux offers you a choice here. The Lord Nelson hotel is Sydney's oldest, and brews its own beer as well. Three Sheets is a zesty, hoppy pale ale. Very nice, but unlikely to be found outside Sydney. Batemans Victory Ale is a much more robust, 6% ale that would make even salt pork seem palatable. And it has a drop-dead cool label.

5. DBA and Skull Splitter

And finally, DBA battles with dark ages and early medieval armies are incomplete without a couple of Skull Splitters from Orkney. A warning though - the 8.5% strength is likely to lead to rash tactics. According to some historians** Harald Hardrada charged the Saxon shield wall without his armour on at the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066 after 6 pints of Skull Splitter.

Happy New Year. Wargame responsibly.

* This statement is not actually true.
** Nor is this one.


  1. :-D :-D Great idea..I´ll have a look and see if i can come up with one or two...mind you I drink red wine so it could be a bit difficult to find matching ones :-D
    Happy new year

  2. I'm a Napoleonic wargamer so of course my favourite drop is a French red by the name of - wait for it - Arrogant Frog!!

  3. Cheers! Paul - I have the perfect drink for you. An Italian Chianti Classico we get here with a knight from the Manesse codex on the label. I'll try to find an image.

    Monsieur le Rosbif - formidable! Le vin rouge c'est magnifique, mais c'est non la guerre. (or something)...

  4. A brilliant post- I especially liked the Nelson related beers. Nice looking ship model by the way.

    Now I need to rush off and make one for red wines and gaming!

    Of course, much research and field testing will be involved, but I put my hobby before all!


  5. Great post.

    If you are ever painting up planes for the Battle of Britain I can recommend the following beer:


  6. Thanks Matt! My local off licence used to stock Spitfire, and I'm hoping they'll get some more in so I can add it to the list. Otherwise i'm thinking of going with London Pride for my Knight's Cross Battle of Britain campaign. I also remember having a pint of Lancaster Bomber in the UK once...

  7. Inspirational :)

    Mixing pleasure with pleasure