Friday, September 23, 2011

Victory is Mine!

Well, no.

Had a great night last night down in the Shire playing DBA against Harry Hotspur. We played four games, two with my matched pairs (Late Roman v Ostrogothic) and two with his armies (Seleucid v Nabatean and Pegamene v Seleucid). Hotspur managed to work out his unfounded anti-Roman prejudice by crushing my Late Romans twice - (I need to work on clever use of terrain to neutralise all those Gothic knights). Switching to his uxorious Hellenistic despots, I managed to defeat his Nabateans after Hotspur undertook an impressive outflanking move with about fifty elements of psiloi, which then failed to play any further part in the battle. They occupied that patch of woods to my left rear, and by the gods they were not going to give it up. The last battle I would rather forget. My disastrous deployment led to rapid and comprehensive destruction.

So 3-1, but some valuable lessons learnt, and the first games of DBA in some years. As always, thanks to Hotspur for thoroughly enjoyable games. A man as gracious in victory as in his rare defeats, although he does have a thing about the Romans.

I think Ross Mac is right in his comment on my last post - I must get into the proper mindset before MOAB. So, this week I will be doing some intensive training by watching the Dambusters, Master and Commander and The Way Ahead. I will drink some stong ale and work on my general belligerence. And I shall work on my motivational speeches, modelling my pre-battle harangue on this fine example:

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  1. Sounds like your battle preparations are well in hand then!


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