Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's on the Workbench...

I have a couple of weeks off from work at the moment, and am hoping to use it to do some serious hobbying, within the constraints of looking after small children.

As it happens, it was also my birthday last week. My brother very kindly gave me a gift voucher for some Langton ships from Waterloo Minis. Even better, my father gave me a cheque out of the blue and told me to spend it on my hobbies!! As a result of the planets aligning in this miraculous way, here is what I have to look forward to:

1. I've bought a copy of the Lasalle rules from Eureka, and they look great. Time to paint some more Napoleonics, I think. But the dilemma of scale...stick with my preferred 1/72 scale? Trouble is, I know of one other person on the continent who plays with this scale (Bonjour, Rosbif!), and this is a large continent. So, wade into 28mm? Great figures, but probably too much of a commitment in painting time... So 15mm it is, swayed by the lovely AB figures.

2. Therefore, I've ordered a battalion of French line infantry and a regiment of Chasseurs a Cheval from Eureka, with the aim of making a Lasalle force for 1813.

3. From Waterloo Minis, a small force of Danish 1:1200 Langton ships are on their way. Over the next few weeks I'm hoping to try out some different Age of Sail rules (I already have Kiss Me Hardy).

4. The Trafalgar rules from Warhammer Historical are on their way...

5. Today is the official release of the Saga rules from Gripping Beast. I'm really drawn to these rules from what I've read so far, and think they might work well at the school historical wargames club. So I've taken the plunge and ordered the rulebook and a starter warband for the Welsh and the Vikings.

If only I had the time to do all this justice, but it will keep me busy for a while. Thanks dad!


  1. Good news all round - lots of fun and good times to come!

  2. Wow... that's a quickly growing pile of unpainted lead. I envy anyone who can deal with that much preasure. It takes me a whole weekend to do a dozen 15mm figs.

  3. Sounds like your gonna have an interesting but very busy time ahead of you!!

  4. Happy birthday, Alanus!

    I also had my birthday this week, hence the Wurttemberg acquisition.

    As the only other Napoleonic 1/72 collector on the continent I mourn your decision to scale down to 15mm! :-(

  5. @ Rosbif - Happy birthday to you!

    Don't worry - it's only a tactical decision for a couple of Lasalle units. I have far too many unpainted plastic figures to ever give up on them!

    You could always move to Sydney...:-)