Thursday, January 2, 2014

Vikings in Sydney

Yesterday the Duchess and I took the retinue off to Sydney's Maritime Museum to see the Vikings exhibition, visiting here from Sweden.

How I Would Like to See Myself

The Mini Duchess. Butter wouldn't melt...

The exhibition was quite nicely done, including some very familiar objects, some of which were replicas, and others I'd never seen before. A reconstruction of the Gokstad Ship was also floating in the harbour, and it was great to get on board and feel the roll of the deck. I felt my blood stir.

The Dux Feeling His Blood Stir

Visiting the Endeavour with the Mini Duchess and Assault. Battery preferred to stay on dry land with the Duchess

Something that did interest me in the exhibition was a display that included a couple of shield bosses from a Swedish burial that showed traces of textiles. Here's a photo:

Is it possible that the bosses were covered in decorative material? Or were they perhaps just wrapped for the burial? Does anyone know whether there is other evidence for cloth coverings over bosses?

In other news, I'm working hard on the painting competition....


  1. Very cool.
    Looking forward to when it comes to Darwin. (ha ha ha ha).
    Good luck on your assault.

  2. I'm reminded of that guy in Hitchhikers Guide who was a distant descendant of Genghis Khan- do you dream of axes and ravens? Love the pulp book, btw.

  3. Those pesky Vikings get/got everywhere.

  4. I wonder if the shields might have been covered with cloth to protect them from the elements?

    Sounds like a fun exhibition.

  5. Buck Rogers eat your heart out!

  6. That feeling of your blood stirring when the deck was rolling is called seasickness Dux...;-) Speaking of the painting challenge...shall we crack 250 pts each before Paul gets back ? :-)

  7. Hah! Good to see. Better get working on that beard.

  8. Greate to see Sweeden mentioned two times:)

    Glad that parts of the Swedish Historical museeum exebition managed to go around the world in a longship.... here you can find the museums homepage, lots of interesting stuff about vikings:

    I havent found any thing about textile covered shields bosses, the textile pattern on the one from the burial seen to have the textile pattern in the rust and got it from some textile placed in the burial.

    Best regards Michael

  9. Thats awesome mate! Great to see the goatee back too!