Monday, September 1, 2014

SAS for Battlegroup Fall of the Reich

One of the Recce options in Battle Group: Fall of the Reich is a SAS Jeep Patrol. It isn't cheap, costing 66 points, but it is very powerful. Each jeep carries a three man team, including a Bren Gun, and are classified in the rules as Assault Troops, so are particulalry good at close assaults. The Jeeps each carry two Vickers K guns, and in their Recce capacity the teams are able to act as artillery and air spotters and benefit from the Behind Enemy Lines rule, meaning they can be placed anywhere on the board after the rest of everyone's recce has been deployed and then start the game on ambush fire.

I had a couple of airborne recce Jeeps lying around from Skytrex (I think), so did a bit of rough converting so they resembled SAS Jeeps from 1945 in NWE. There are lots of things wrong with them. The Vickers K mounting at the front should be for twin guns, the shields aren't right, blah blah blah, but I think they sort of look the part, and I'm certainly looking forward to trying them out. I'm also reasonably happy with my first attempts at Denison Smocks in 15mm.


  1. Very nice mate, and good pickup on the beret colours. The trademark sandy bereet went adopted until much later and para red was indeed what they wore in the ETO

    Who Dares Wins!

    1. Well the beige beret was actually adopted earlier by the 'originals' but you are right in that most members were using the maroon one at the time, as they were forced to change it after returning to Europe. Some of the old hands probably used the beige one still. Excellent work on painting these!

  2. Nice work, chap!
    Don't worry about details which are rarely recognisable on 15mm kits. Most viewers wouldn't even spot them.

  3. Beautiful! Look very very nice to me!

  4. Use the four foot rule Alan, if you can't see the details at 4 feet then either don't convert them or don't paint them. But then OCD perfectionism comes into play. Some thing of which I do not suffer. NIce work sire.