Monday, December 27, 2010

Latest Modelling Project

My middle daughter turned 4 just before Christmas and insisted on an Ariel cake. So the Dux got together with his good wife and eldest princess and here is the result:

We were particularly proud of the lake. The top tier of the cake had a basin cut out of it, then the whole thing was covered with white chocolate. When that set we poured cool but not yet set jelly into the basin and added the Ariel doll and fish so that the jelly set around them. A brilliant idea we wish we could claim credit for, but we found it on the net somewhere. The other creatures etc were made from marzipan.

And it tasted bloody delicious.


  1. Mrs. Rosbif isn't usually interested in the blogs I read but was very interested in this post! We (she, mainly) have made the odd birthday creation for our kids, too. I bet your little one was well pleased!

    Well done!

  2. Happy birthday for your little daughter!!! :-)
    Great work (very tasty as well)!!! :-)

  3. Happy birthday to your little girl mate.Cracking cake wish I could get my water to look that good and edible.