Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Buildings from Gripping Beast

To go with my Vikings I bought a couple of resin Gripping Beast buildings from War and Peace Games - their timbered barn and Saxon church. I love these - dead easy to paint and look pretty cool. I'll probably buy some more. They also make a longship that looks pretty tempting...


  1. Cool stuff. I've been meaning to make more buildings for my Viking age action as well... Also, Revell makes a fantastic Viking ship that scales well with the 28mm WF figures, and it's probably a lot cheaper than the resin ships out there as well...


  2. I'd second the revell model. It is a fantastic kit and well worth the expenditure. Also alot cheaper that the Gripping Beast model

  3. Very nice looking thatch (it's not very often I get to make that comment, well not in polite company anyway). What paints did you use?


  4. they do 1/72nd stuff??

  5. I have some of these en route from UK too - as well as a pair of Longships! (It helps to have a few mates pitching in on the project, but then again the Ozzie dollar is strong at the moment so the ships werent THAT much more expensive...). I too liked the Church but in the end went down a different path.

    You've done a great job with the painting - looking forward to seeing some action pics of them being looted :-)

  6. Nice painting, I've got all the GB buildings, they're all very nice models, I've even got the Longship, trouble is its been sitting in a draw unpainted for about 5 years now, I've really gotta get it sorted!

  7. Cracking paint job mate.Some very nice looking buildings.

    Cheers Rich.

  8. Hey, thanks chaps. Matt- the paint job was dead easy. White spray undercoat, then I used a mix of old paints. Tamiya middle grey of some sort on the church, then a black wash then light grey drybrush. The thatch was black/grey wash, then Battledress Brown (Derivan Minis) slapped over it. I didn't quite like the colour, so then I used some brown craft paint to drybrush over it. The barn walls are Unbleached Linen (another Derivan Mini clour).

    Thanks for the tip about the Revell longship.