Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vikings for Basic Impetus - Finished!

It has been a big couple of weeks, with the latest outbreak of plague to rip through the family and a week of exam marking, so apologies for the silence. I return to Blogland to see that many of you cleaver chaps have been very busy, and also that Monsieur le Rosbif has honoured me with a Stylish Blogger Award. I'll reply properly to that shortly, but I just wanted to get these images up before the end of the weekend.

Yep, I've finished my first 28mm army, Danish Vikings for Basic Impetus. All figures are from Wargames Factory. Click to enlarge.

Here are the skirmishers, converted from Wargames Factory Vikings and Ancient Germans

The Berserkers are also a mix of parts from Viking and Early German figures.

The shields are for keeping track of a unit's VBU (strength) in Impetus. Rather than the usual expedient of putting dice next to the unit showing the right number of pips, the number of segments the shield is divided into tells you the VBU (so 1-4, left to right).

Some simple conversions into casualties to use as Disorder Markers.



  1. Very, very nice. I like your shieldwork in particular. You have a real talent for those freehand symbols.

    Overall, a very nicely painted and imposing Army - I'd hand the Danegold over right over!

  2. Not my era, but they are cracking figures mate.The shield look amazing.That is a mad job lot of Brian Blessed's you've got there.

    Cheers Rich.

  3. Great Shieldwall! May your mighty troops rampage through Northumbria!

  4. Impressive army.

  5. Very nice work! May they find a glorious death in battle ;)

  6. A fine army there, absolutely excellent painting and composition! It really inspires me to pick up some more vikings and build my army out further...