Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yep, I'm stylish as well

Monsieur le Rosbif very kindly nominated my humble blog as stylish. I like seeing the Stylish blogger thing go around - it sort of celebrates the community of hobby blogs and is a good opportunity to highlight the work of others. I am constantly in awe of the amazing work I see on your blogs, and also at the amount of work some of you churn out. (Don't you have jobs??!!) I'm going to pass on Rosbif's beneficia by nominating just one blog - Nick Grant's 20mm Gamer Nick's blog, and particularly his website before it helped get me back into gaming, and inspired me to explore the Golden Age of 1/72 plastic figures. But to all the rest of you - thanks for all the inspiration.

I think I'm also meant to share 10 facts about myself, so here goes:

1. About the happiest I've ever been was wandering around the ruins of Ostia with the Duchess.
2. I teach history at a school,
3. which is ironic, since I hated school,
4. where I largely coped by developing insular hobbies like this one.
5. I wrote a book once, but it isn't very good.
6. After my hobbies music is probably the main thing that keeps me sane(ish). The last album I bought that sent shivers up my spine was 'Let England Shake' - PJ Harvey.
7. The best meal I ever ate was in a Ristorante in Ravenna. I was visiting by myself in 2004 to photograph mosaics and just wandered into some place and asked to give me whatever they thought I should eat. Bresaola, then the local pasta and ragu, then caramelised figs with mascarpone and flatbread, washed down with a bottle of Lacrima Christi del Vesuvio. Life is good.
8. I miss living in the UK.
9. My favourite historical novels are the Aubrey/Maturin series by Patrick O'Brian.
10. I am graded as scholar in Single sword and English Longsword.


  1. Congratulations, what was the name of the book?

  2. Yeh...what was the name of the book?

  3. Congrats mates,what was the book called?And don't say "Fly fishing by J.R Hartley" either!

    Cheers Rich.

  4. Cheers Alan,

    Ummm...what does this all mean?!


  5. "Yep, I'm stylish as well"

    I thought that was self-evident :-)

  6. Hmm. The Osprey book on the Hitler Youth. Something I did as a break before gearing up to publish my thesis. But then had kids and didn't publish my thesis. Not my finest hour.

  7. I've read your book, and actually it is quite interesting - don't be so hard yourself. Great Blog!