Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pulp Adventures - the Archaeologists

What is this English archaeological expedition doing in a gloomy Polish forest in 1937? It looks like they are expecting trouble...

Figures are from Artizan Designs, with three from Copplestone Castings. As you can see, the two ranges match seamlessly. The Copplestone figures are the bluff chap with drawn revolver, the dour veteran with his trusty shotgun and Winfrey Hamilton, incongruously carrying his pith helmet.

Found in their wallets after The Incident were some snapshots of happier times.

A group photo on tour in Rome.

Winfrey Harrington and Lady Snodgrass explore the ruins of Palymyra.


  1. Nice looking figures, very dramatic photos too!!

  2. Wonderful!!!!!
    I'm getting very excited about our foray into Pulp/Horror!