Thursday, January 26, 2012

Viking Reinforcements!

Just finished this unit of 12 bowmen for my Saga Viking warband. The figures are Wargames Factory plastics - not my favourite figures in the world, but they do come with bows, and I already had a box lying around.

It is a very bright day here, so apologies if the photos look a bit washed out.


  1. Great stuff! Exactly how many of these jokers have you got? :)

  2. They may not be your favourite minis but they look bloody good to me.

  3. I agree not the most elegant figures but with time and effort they come up trumps. You have done a great job with these. I have a pile of WF to start on shortly

  4. I quite like the stripes on the one fellow's pants. Out of curiosity, have you been able to compare the WLG vikings to the Gripping Beast plastics?

  5. They look great. I have not got very far with my Saga warband but I have been very busy on Holidays.

  6. I must agree, I am currently working on these myself. They are not the nicest figures to work on. I found carving the head peg down a little and shaving a little off the arm wher it attaches to the body, improves the look of them. It also makes them a bit sturdier for handling. I'll pop some pics on my blog when I have finished them. I do like the poses you made though.