Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bloggers Meet for High-Level Talks

It's only taken us about 8 months, but last night I was finally able to meet up with Paul of the Man Cave. Our diaries finally meshed, and Paul was able to drag himself away from his heavily-armed floating man cave for a few hours. Had a brilliant night - he is a great bloke, as anyone who follows his blog or read his article in Wargames Illustrated would know, and we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening drinking beer, chatting about gaming, planning the games we'll play and talking about Fran the Lurker. I'm going to teach him SAGA, and I'm hoping for a lesson on Incursion in return.


  1. That's brilliant that you blokes caught up, I'd love to catch up with some of my fellow bloggers. Have fun. If you're ever down in Tasmania let me know :)

  2. Remember that most impressive facial hair wins ties in SAGA. This could be close!

    1. And if facial hair is a tie we go to the caber toss or other feats of strength.

  3. Talking about Fran!!! Surely you couldn't have been that bored!!

  4. Good times indeed - can't wait for the next instalment...with dice!

  5. Great to hear, I was wondering why my ears were burning!


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