Friday, October 19, 2012

British Heavy Metal

It has been a grim week in the Duchy. Not only was I attacked by zombies earlier in the week, but nearly the whole family has had a vile gastro virus thingy. The only person immune has been the boy twin (Assault) who has spent the last couple of days jumping on and trying to rumble a group of largely comatose suffering lumps. Thank god for TV. I even watched Mary Poppins for the first time and quite enjoyed it. Who knew that chimney sweeps had such a great time of it? And what the hell accent was Dick van Dyke attempting?

In moments of lucidity I have been able to chip away at a few painting projects, and managed to finish my Bolt Action Churchill. I quite like it, but then I love Churchill tanks. It is supposed to be a tank from C Squadron of the Coldstream Guards, all of which were named after famous ships in the Royal Navy.

As I said in an earlier post, I like the model, but was a bit annoyed to find the towing cable on the left side partly miscast, and the towing hook at the front missing.
Here it is with some support from the Durham Light Infantry...

And with some of Tamsin's Finest.


  1. I wouldn't have noticed the casting flaws if you hadn't mentioned them. Well done.

  2. Lovely work, I painted this beast for a friend myself!

  3. Cor blimey Dux. Gotta luv that 'eavy metal, especially the extras on the hull.

    Good to see My Finest having some armoured support :)

  4. Nice work. Weathering is top notch, and I agree with you about the appeal of Churchills.

  5. Gawdon Bennet! Cor Blimey guv, that's a pearly lookin' tank,
    sugar and spice wahn dux!

    In honour of the Chiminee sweep!

  6. Well dang, I clicked the link expecting to be treated to some Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath! But hey, this is pretty darn good too! Beautifully painted - the distressed metal looks fantastic.

  7. You are a big inspiration for me about your Painting etc

    maybe you have a look to my blog

    Im Michael an ex Games Workshop Employe and now startet a Painting Blog...maybe you find something interesting

    would be an honor to see you arround

  8. Great looking tank, my fav churchill is the flame thrower mounted one. Get em whilst they are hot LOL


  9. Glad to see you on the mend mate!

    I love the Churchill - it gets a bit of a bad wrap compared to the others in the late war ETO, but I think its a cracker. You've done a great job with it - the colours and metallic effects are spot on!

  10. Looks great. I hope it helps fend off future Zombie Attacks.

  11. I am really enjoying your blog including the posts on Bolt Action!

    You swing a very nice brush and they are some of the nicest British Infantry I have seen so far from Bolt Action.

    Happy Gaming,