Tuesday, October 9, 2012

British Radio Operator for Bolt Action

The good people at War and Peace Games are having a painting competition on their Facebook page at the moment for either a single Space Marine (whatever they are) or single Bolt Action mini. Here's my effort - a Tommy carrying a No. 38 radio.
This is the first figure I've painted in about 15 years where I've focused on a single figure rather than painting a batch for wargaming. The close up reveals a few dodgy bits, but I'm generally reasonably happy with my attempt to add several layers of highlights, rather than just the one I usually use for my 'wargames standard.' I was also pretty happy with how the face and eyes turned out, although you can't see them due to the shadowing of the helmet. Doh!
Right, back to the Romano-British...


  1. Excellent!!! I love the mug on the back, very cool.

  2. Nice work Dux! :)

    Have the paras turned up yet?

  3. Good luck. He looks great. Some great detail like the shoulder flash and the base tufts really are good. Painting a single figure.....not something I have done in what feels like forever.

  4. That's a nice lookin figure, full of character



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