Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I Discover Kickstarter. Am I cool now?

Seems like all the cool kids are doing it, and now I've tagged along to the party. Yep, the Dux has bought in to a kickstarter. I blame Neil Shuck, who featured it on the Meeples and Miniatures blog.

So why am I interested in Battleground? Well firstly, it's shiny. But more importantly, I like the idea of getting the cards for some armies I don't have and using them to try out different systems. If you aren't familiar with the Battleground concept, basically they provide a sort of miniatures game without the miniatures, using cards representing units instead. I'm interested in giving the rules a go, but even if I don't like them I reckon these cards will be a good way to try out Impetus, Hail Caesar and whatever other games at the school club. Basically, it is potentially a low cost way of giving boys at the club a taste of big miniatures games without me having to make and transport armies around, which must be good.

Anyone else interested in this?

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  1. Using those cards as units to try Impetus is a great idea.


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