Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Many, Many Tanks

Whew! This week in Tanktober I finished my Company + Platoon of T-26s for Battle Group Barbarossa. That's a total of 20 tanks along with a OT-26 flame thrower tank thrown in.

The T-26 (1933)s are from Minairons, the ones with the 1939 turret and the OT-26 are from Zvezda.

Now some BT-7s, I think...


  1. Love them, but even under the Battlegroup rules you are going to need all twenty to survive more than 4 turns. Zvezda do a nice BT 5, got a few of them and they look good.

  2. Great stuff! It's good to see some early war tanks!

  3. Great stuff mate- well done!
    Lots of kill rings for my Panzers there... :-)


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