Saturday, November 21, 2009

II/33 Polybian Roman DBA Army

Today for your delectation I offer a Polybian Roman army for DBA that I finished earlier this year. All the figures are from Zvezda. Here is the army arrayed:

The army is made up of a 3Cv General's element:

Another 3Cv element. I'm pretty proud of the shield with the horse on it. But here's a thing - horses' eyes. Being an urban person I rarely see horses, and I've been merrily painting them with white irises like human eyes. But now I think that is probably wrong, and the whole eye should be a dark browny black. Has anyone got an opinion on this?

Here is the core of the Polybian army - 6 elements of 4 Bd (blades). I love the detail of these Zvezda figures, but these Hastati/Principes figures aren't very realistic. Far too many have full muscled cuirasses. I've given them a quite uniform appearance as these are troops from late in the 2nd Punic War, when equipment was being increasingly supplied by the state.

The DBA army list calls for 2 elements of 4Sp (Spears), representing the Triarii of the Republican Roman legion. I painted 4 elements because I liked the figures so much.

And finally, 2 elements of Velites (2Ps in DBA terms).

I look forward to painting a Carthaginian army at some stage. And a later Macedonian army... so many armies, so little time.