Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Fifth Analogue Painting Challenge

The Fifth Analogue Painting Challenge has sadly drawn to a close, so it is time to stop neglecting my humble blog.

It seems fitting to restart bloglife with a quick retrospective of my Painting Challenge, so today I got everything out on the table just to see what I had managed to paint in the course of the Challenge.

As you can see, it was a pretty eclectic bunch of figures I painted, with everything from a German dinosaur to 6mm ECW. Battlegroup predictably took some of my attention, with some German forces painted up for Barbarossa and Fall of the Reich.

The largest single subject I focused on were Islamic troops for use in such games as Crescent and Cross and Lion Rampant, but other early medievals also got a look in with Picts and Bretons.

Probably the most enjoyable parts of the Challenge for me were the Bonus Rounds, and I was chuffed to win second place with my Dino Rider in the rider and mount round.

The only figures I painted that aren't in the photo are missing because I ate them. I speak of course of the Viking ship cake I made for the mini duchess back in December, which won me 10 points!

All in all, the Challenge was a thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring experience, in which i felt a great sense of camaraderie with similar lunatics all around the world. I finished in 8th place with 2032 points, which I'm delighted with ans I was keen to improve on my 13th place with 1349 points from last year. I also just scraped a win against Tamsin with our race to 1500 points, although I'm pretty sure she beat me with the number of points completed of 6mm figures.

So here's a massive thank you to Curt for organising the Challenge. What a huge amount of work he puts into it! Just reading some of the posts about the importance the Challenge has in some of our lives shows what a great public service he is fulfilling. It certainly does wonders for my mental health.

In my next post: plans for the rest of 2015.