Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Little Present for a Top Blogger

Top Bloke Paul of the Man Cave is currently steaming home from overseas deployment in his 1:1 scale Frigate. That's him giving a wave to his replacement.
As a little welcome home present I've painted up some steampunk figures for him. I know he's a bit interested in In Her Majesty's Name, so I got hold of the Scotland Yard set from Northstar Miniatures. If it turns out he doesn't like the game, most of the figures are generic enough for various pulp or Cthulu games, with the exception of the four coppers with their English All Electric Truncheons. Here's the whole gang.

Advised of course by a consulting detective and his oafish doctor friend to help with plot exposition.... the chagrin of the actual detectives who are actually paid to do their job...

...but when there are gigantic hounds or Imperial German zombies or inscrutable Tong gangs to be taken down, it falls to the special constables....

...or even the plods on the beat!

Happy returns, Paul!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Pagan Rus Levies

It has taken me ages to get around to finishing them, but at last I've completed some levies for my Pagan Rus SAGA warband. As mentioned in a previous post, I really like this faction, particularly since I was quite involved with playtesting it. Adding a unit of Levies is a useful way of giving the warband some missile weapons, but more importantly the ability to soak up casualties when playing factions like the Jomsvikings and shielding more important units.

I've maintained the black/white/red colour scheme of the rest of the warband on the Levy's shields, but given them more Slavic designs such as sun wheels.

And just because I like them so much, here are a couple of pictures of the complete warband.