Saturday, November 22, 2014

Pro Gloria Plastic Landsknechts! You Know You Want To....

Pro Gloria's Indiegogo campaign to fund a box of plastic Landsknechts is ticking along pretty well, with over 12.000 Euros of the 30.000 target raised and 24 more days to go. If you haven't seen these already, check them out - the greens look stunning.

Imagine, if you will, a mass of these guys tramping across your tabletop in their wonderful gaudy costumes. And think of how with the money you save buying them in plastic you can support them with lovely metal figures from the likes of Artizan. Personally, the moment they get funded I will be buying a bunch of gendarmes and archers from Eureka.

I'm pretty keen for this to get funding, so hopefully I've caught some of you in a weak moment. Here are four steps to a wonderful weekend.

1. Play some loud 'Landsknechty' music. In Extremo will put you in the mood, but basically anything that implausibly blends metal and medieval with some growly German vocals will do fine.

2. Drink some German bier.

3. Find your credit card.

4. Look at all the shiny things! You want them!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Battle Group Barbarossa: Soviet Armour

Having finished morphing my Battle Group Kursk Soviets into a late war force, I've now pretty much done the same for Barbarossa. Adding to the 20 T-26 tanks I finished painting last week, I've just finished 7 BT-5s and a monster T-35.

All the models are 15mm Zvezda kits from their Art of Tactic game. These are great little kits. Very easy to put together and with lovely crisp moulding. The biggest down side is the lack of open hatches and crew figures, and all the tanks look very clean and Spartan, with no stowage items. Of course, I could have just added tarps etc made from Greenstuff, but decided not to on these as Soviet vehicles from 1941 generally do look pretty lacking in clutter from most photos I've seen.

Nice stuff, Zvezda. And what a beast the T-35 is!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Plastic Soldier Company IS-2s

Just in time for the end of Tanktober I finished this platoon of IS-2s for Battle Group Fall of the Reich. With the replacement 85mm turrets I did for my T34s and a few SU 85s and 100s completed, that pretty much finishes off what I needed to do to adapt my Kursk Soviets for 1944-5, although I will add some more infantry.

As always, these PSC IS-2s are ajoy to whack together, and should scare the fascist vipers quite a bit.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Plastic Landsknechts!

Pro Gloria Miniatures have started their Indiegogo campaign to produce a box of plastic Landsknechts. Yes!!

I'm pretty excited by this.... Check out the campaign for some tasty deals.